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NBA kit consists of 5 version of the 1.rep is offset printing version, namely number names are printed, Ad sold 398 kind of 2 SW is embroidery fans version, number names are embroidered, Jersey is generally mesh, Adidas sold 5803 Au player jerseys and NBA players wear Jersey materials are basically the same, the general price 1000+ 4.Gi is a game reserve Jersey, is in the locker room hung over shirt, subscript generally filled with season year, prices generally 1000 to 2000 or 2000+ 5.GU is a game used Jersey, is the players through the game in the shirt, the collection value is highest, the general price of 3000

NBA Jerseys China

The basic content editor this paragraph In Ball Games athletes sport clothing. Generally include upper body and short sleeved pants shorts. Materials with good permeability of hydrophobic material, will not affect the athlete's physical activity, not easy to generate static electricity, light weight, good Jersey helps athletes to improve performance. English statement: Jersey available "(soccer) Jersey" to express, if you want to emphasize the "kits" is the team jersey, usable "(soccer) team jersey" to show. Compared with football shirt, football shirt common in spoken language, while Jersey generally refers to "a team logo shirt". Replica NBA Jersey in the edit this paragraph

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NBA Replica version known as Replica Jersey Shirt, the shirt is a shirt shop the most expensive, priced at $44.99, this shirt is shirt mesh small and dense, the number and the name is used in rubber printed on the shirt, shirt feels smooth like silk, the kind of. No team in LOGO in a row label shirt left corner, only four tags in a row, and in the adidas logo is not the length of a LENGTH+2 tag. From the whole Replica edition shirt design is relatively simple, Jersey details not reflected, there is a big difference on the field and the players wear jerseys. The upper right corner of a sign Adidas [1] Swingman NBA Jersey in the edit this paragraph

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Swingman can be called fans jerseys, and player version of the same style, shirt cloth are mesh, monolayer, the number and the name and the team name for embroidery, is sewn up, there is a sense of three-dimensional, the price is $79.99, a team logo jerseys the lower left corner tag, type and #name on a label on the length+2 tag, adidasLOGO, these details and Replica is essentially different. The overall Swingman more realistic details, shirt with, not a stripped down version of the Replica, and the player jerseys close. In a lot of fans America choose affordable and not stale Swingman. Jersey upper right corner of Adidas [2] Authentic NBA Jersey in the edit this paragraph Au is a player jerseys and NBA players shirt materials are basically the same, Authentic is said to be the player jerseys, like a star's Jersey, just Authentic fans for the fans, no star big size. The $179.99. The number of single or multi player sewn on the front and back of twill, player name and number for embroidery, embroidery cloth layers different in different colors, is a sense of hierarchy and stereo feeling. Basically the same shirt left corner tags and Swingman, but no length+2 label below Adidas mark. In the upper right corner of the shirt without adidaslogo, this fundamental difference in Replica&Swingman. Authentic the price is not high, the general USA fans do not choose such an expensive shirt